Quimera is architecture and design; it is a unique warm-blend that was conceived at the vineyard. Every year Santiago and Roberto look for the meaning within the earth in the search for the impossible wine, making it unique year after year. This results in a wine with deep shades, aromas that range from stony and earthy, of dark fruits to delicate accents of rosemary, open-mouthed, almost feminine, and deliciously sour.

Quimera is design and architecture, a unique warm-blend conceived in their vineyard. Santiago and Roberto fathom the land´s secrets, year after year, in pursuit of impossible wine, searching in every vintage for an unparalleled feat. A deeply nuanced wine arises, scented with notes winding from earth
and boulder, the dark fruit, up to delicate rosemary hints. It is ample in the palate, with delicious and almost feminine acidity. Quimera is heuristic, an intimate discovery, a search for perfection.

Serving Temperature: 16ºC – 18ºC.
Strongly recommend decanting this wine at least an hour before drinking.


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